Watertite PY

Prefabricated waterproofing membrane made of distilled bitumen modified with elasto-plastic polymers and Atactic Polypropylene (APP) providing the membrane excellent aging performance, having a non woven polyester inlayer, which provide the membrane with high mechanical characteristics as well as giving excellent stability.

Methods of Application

For the application of the membrane the use of heat is generally used by means of a gas torch or specific hot air machine.

  • Coordinate the operations in a way to not cause damage to the construction elements and underground structure. Avoid to leave the structure for the night or for periods of prolonged work interruptions without having been properly sealed.
  • The application surface must not have depressions, to avoid the ponding of rain water and must have a sufficient slope to guarantee a regular rain run off. Normally this is obtained with a slope of 1.5%.
  • The water drainage spouts should be sufficiently big enough to allow for rain water to be eliminated in an efficient way.
  • Prepare cementitious substrates, including verticals and details, with a solvent based bituminous primer. Allow this preparation layer to dry before proceeding with any other operation.
  • With prefabricated constructions, apply a suitable reinforcing strip along all joints. In the presence of construction joints, prefabricated panels or metal decks, suitable expansion joints are to be considered.
  • The membranes must be applied to the substrate fully bonded. In any case, when in the proximity of the head laps, the membrane must be applied for at least 100 mm, furthermore all details , perimeters, verticals, change of slope as well as projecting area must be fully bonded.