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Water may be essential for life however it brings catastrophic damages to the home or residence. Water can damage immediately or it can also start taking effect after a long period of time. In spite of major technological advancement in concrete technology, it still lags behind one important feature and that is waterproofing. Waterproofing is a method by which an item is made resistance to damage water.

 Residential houses are rapidly changing with emphasis on better waterproofing products, better technology compared to last thirty years. Though dynamics of the resident is continued to change however waterproofing is widely neglected option in the residential community. Waterproofing solution is still kind of high and customer’s budget is quite stiff so they usually ignore the fact that how much it is important to build a waterproof residence for prosperous future. Water damage is the number one culprit that weakens home’s foundation and the very core that holds your house together. Waterproofing seems costly at the time of construction, however, preventing water damage is a whole lot cheaper than paying for repairs. 

Water can damage various places like a basement, crawl spaces, roof, and foundation like important structure in an extensive way. Foundation damaged by the water is a very expensive issue for homeowners. Quality waterproofing can also waterproof your investment.

UNEXPECTED DANGER FROM WATER DAMAGED HOME: - There are many different kinds of household problems can occur if your living space invades by the water, some of them are discussed bellow.

FOUNDATION: - According to the various construction specialists the source of the various foundation problems is water. Water makes soil wet and it can make the foundation swell or the foundation can entirely fall apart as wet soil drain the foundation strength.

CEILING: -Roof and the outer wall of the premises are always facing the worse weather condition .so leakage in the roof or surround places is common. First damaged roof trigger stain. The worst thing you can do is ignore your water stain.

 Roof and outer wall keep us safe inside from poor weather condition however without waterproofing the premise, it can also bring death and complete destruction of the property. The reason roof started to fall is called concrete cancer or spalling. So how it began?

When water seeps through concrete it hits the steel and it causes oxidation to occur in the form of rust. Rust has a greater volume than steel and the expansion presses against the concrete putting it in tension and causing it to crack and pop off.  Structural engineers call it spalling. Once this process started in, it will continue to weaken the structural integrity over time. It is important to realise that theses problem is very aggressive in nature and should not be left to eventually undermine the structural probity. A specialist should be called to identify and fix the problem because spalling can lead to life and property loss.


The washroom is the place where it’s always wet so proper waterproofing in this area is absolutely vital. Water can leak into floor or wall space and it can very easily rot structural timbers and do some unacceptable damages to the premise, unfortunately, it’s only when the damage becomes significant that unsuspecting homeowners see the signs. So where is waterproofing required in the washroom? Waterproofing is generally needed anywhere where there’s a water outlet. This includes shower stalls, bath area, taps, drains etc.

How high and wide walls and floors will need to be waterproofed depends very much on what’s being waterproofed, and on the other materials that are being used in that area. Leakage from washroom also similarly effects as leakage from the roof, however, in this case, it affects the structural walls and floors.


ELECTRONICS: - The comfort and convenience offered by the home appliances are irreplaceable. To give an idea of the relevance of the phenomenon, you have to think that will you be able to live without a refrigerator to do eggs and milk cold? Imagine a day when the temperature is more than 40 degrees outside and you have no working AC or Cooler. Can you feel the burn right? From the last fifty years, we are too much dependent on the appliances that we never thought what if! Well if you think you would not make it like rest of us without your favourite home appliances you should waterproof your home. Maybe you thinking what's the problem if you don’t right? We will discuss through this post what would happen to our precious appliances if we do not water proof our residence.


Humidity or damp can have negative effects on the home appliances. There’s plenty of joint parts in a machinery humidity can badly effect on those parts because humidity causes corrosion and corrosion are nightmares for any electronic devices. Application damaged by the corrosion or water highly likely, not repairable. When moisture seeps into appliances like motor, micro oven etc it may short out. Water and electricity are life taking combination people lose their life when they are not careful in water-damaged houses. Everybody enjoy using the application in their daily life so it can be easier and time-saving. It’s not really easy to do to run a home these days while not the employment of such appliances whether or not they are tiny appliances or massive appliances. They create life a lot of easier and convenient with their use. So whenever you noticed a stain on your wall or roof call an expert to deal with the problem and never try to solve your electronic problems on your own if you do not have sufficient knowledge about it.



A leaky construction house can poses fire risk for the house too. If water contacts with the electrical line the wires will get short out and that could lighten up the fire. It is highly recommended to turn off the electricity of the area that is affected with the water seeping.


There are many more problems lies with the water affected house that can harm you actively or passively. You know the safety of your family. There’s really no questioning that, is there? So with that in mind remember that it is your responsibility to provide a safe living place for your family as now you know how much water hold the power to destroy your everyday happiness. It might seem costly at the beginning however you would not have to worry about if it’s raining outside. Provide a shield to your house from water and it will provide a much stronger shield to your life and that will bring you happiness and prosperity in the day to day life. If you want to know more about us or our products, contact us now!

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