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How to Waterproof a Concrete Roof: DYI




Waterproofing concrete with roof coatings is an inherent responsibility on concrete structures for roof restoration and preservation. These buildings are normally made of reinforced steel. They are cheap but demand a big deal of preservation to prevent them from oozing because they change, and dissolve quickly. The difficulty with concrete is that it is cement. Cement is produced from various elements including calcium carbonate and sand. Calcium Carbonate is a rich element that appears of the dead bones of sea creature. These numerous elements dissolve pretty quickly in very damp conditions except they are preserved.

Our organisation concentrates in the building of masterpiece rubber and plastic layers that stretch the life of the pavement. These stocks stretch with the concrete and build a watertight layer. Sadly, untreated concrete splits and melts in several geographic regions where there is a large deal of rain. In the wintertime, water leaks into the untreated cracks and freezes and expands substantially damaging your concrete building.

Before undertaking any plan read all guidance labels. Always run an experiment piece first in an obscure section, to guarantee that decent adhesion and drying happen and the outcome works to your content.   

Adding a waterproof layer will support to offset the downfall and allow your house to last much longer. The blog that follows will show you how to properly carry out this task.  

CLEAN YOUR ROOF: In order to strongly seal your roof, you initially require starting with a stainless surface. Use a push sweeper and dustpan to eliminate any dirt or rubble. Take your moment so you can do this completely, as something left behind can cause your sealer to not adhere well.

PRIME THE SURFACE: After making the surface you will require priming the roof with Plastic primer. The primer will dehydrate quickly and will run into the holes and cracks of the cement rooftop. It will bond to the cement with exceptional adhesion. The primer has affection for cement and it really sticks together and restores old concrete surfaces. Read all guidance labels before commencement. Always manage a test application first in an unnoticeable area, to guarantee that decent adhesion and drying happen and the product acts to your comfort.

SEAM TAPE: Next, seam tape all outstanding cracks wider than one-eighth of an inch. This rubber shapes quickly to the cover and will attach with the most exceptional adhesion to the primed surface.

DRAINAGE: Decent sewerage is further an essential factor on concrete roofs. With this application, you will be substantially strengthening the concrete with the plastic and Primer. Be positive to implement closure tape wherever the upward and parallel concrete joints meet at the parapet roof and wall joints.

ROOF DECKS: If you wish to walk on your roof, then you can apply non-skid durable plastic paint as your final coat. This product comes in a variation of colours. Radiant colours are fitting for areas in high heat. Dark colours in the northern hemispheres.


Whatever the process, make sure you get a long-term warranty against defects in materials and workmanship — and keep your fingers crossed.

You want to be careful on details for this type of construction. The devil is detailed here. We understand you want to save money on your waterproof project however if you are not experienced and you are going with DYI you will lose more rather than saving. So you want a builder who has at least few of these things successfully and has worked out reliable details. We are one of the best water tight companies in the region and our rate is very competitive compared to others in the business. Call us now! And let us help you with your next waterproof project.

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